About Subheading

Roshni Crop Sciences Private Limited

Roshni Crop Sciences Private Limited's passion for research and purpose for providing quality seeds to farmers gives us immense satisfaction. The foundations we have established through our continous focused research will have the adaptability and resilience to meet the expectations in terms of improved productivity and higher returns for the farming community. Roshni Crop Sciences Private Limited's is built on the vision of Mr. AVN Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, who envisaged 'Innovation through Research' as the key to deliver significant advances in agriculture offering practicable and profitable solutions to farmers and end users.

Exceeding customer expectations in quality, responsiveness and delivery Upholding a commitment to corporate citizenship by way of handholding farmers

An aggressive R & D and research focus to incessantly deliver the best of science. An experienced management known as trendsetters in the seeds sector.

High yeilding cotton crop

  • Big bolls enable easy picking
  • Better fibre properties
  • Varied maturity with wider adaptability
  • Drought and salinity resistant
  • Resistant to wilt and leaf diseases
  • Pest tolerant

Quality Paddy Seeds

  • High in nutritional value
  • Long grains
  • Rich taste
  • Free from impurities
  • Natural Aroma

Castor is a highly drought tolerant crop

  • Non-branching& branching plant types
  • Has resistance to wil
  • Long and compact raceme
  • Resistance to capsule shattering, rot and pests
  • High yield and high oil content
  • Early and medium duration and high test weight


  • Maturity groups are different
  • Content of oil is high
  • Multiple plant types
  • High Volume and Weigh
  • Tolerance to drought and salinity

Assorted range of Maize Seeds

  • High nutritive value
  • Free from rot and external contaminants like stone and dust
  • Immature maize shoots accumulate a powerful antibiotic substance Called DIMBOA
  • Gives highest yield
  • Cultivated in Lowland areas
  • No Detoriation

In time supply

  • Quality supply chain