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ACTISEED ZnMn is a seed bio stimulant manufactured by Agronutrition, France and imported by Roshni Crop Sciences Pvt. Ltd. through Sumitomo Corporation, Japan.


  • ACTISEED ZnMn is a seed bio stimulant associated with Manganese and Zinc along with protein extracts.
  • Supplements inadequate nutrient reserves in the seed.
  • Nourishes the crop at the critical early stages.
  • ACTISEED ZnMn helps in absorption of Manganese and Zinc during early stages of crop growth.
  • Improves plant vigor and enhances disease resistance.
  • Safeguards against drought stress.
  • Assists in the stimulation of seed germination and root growth.
  • Adhesion to the seed is excellent hence, problems of dusting often encountered with powder products can be avoided.
  • Protein extracts induces genes in order to enhance the potential of plants by limiting environmental aggressions during their growth.
  • Because of these protein extracts, the plant reinforces itself to preserve all of its potential for growth (quantitative and qualitative).
  • ACTISEED ZnMn can be co applied with wide range of fungicides and insecticides that are commonly used as seed protectants.

ACTISEED ZnMn usage:

  • It should be applied to Seed before sowing.


  • 6ml per kg seed


  • Recommended for all crops.