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KRYSTAFEED 20-20-20 + TE - a crystalline soluble NPK balanced fertilizer

KRYSTAFEED is a crystalline soluble NPK balanced fertilizer enriched with trace elements manufactured by KRYSTAFEED, Spain has been especially made for uniform stimulation of growth and for the prevention of the plants nutritional deficiencies during the whole vegetative cycle.


  • N, P, K, trace elements enriched balanced input.
  • High tech manufacturing from selected raw materials.
  • Optimum and stable granulometry.
  • High solubility.
  • No compacting, no presence of powder or lumps.
  • Safe, comfortable and easy handling.
  • 100% impurities and chlorine free.
  • It prevents nutritional deficiencies.
  • Growth stimulation.
  • It increases the output.


This fertilizer is used in all kind of crops with a dose between 250-600 kg/ha/cycle.


  • Fruit trees: 10-25 kg/ha/application
  • Horticultural crops: 10-25 kg/ha/application
  • Flowers and ornamental plants: 10-15 kg/ha/

Foliar application

  • For all the crops: 4-6 g/l

NOTE: The recommended dosages, are indicative only, the user can increase them or reduce them according to the plant vegetative stage and the kind of soil.