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MEISTER- Polyolefin Coated Urea

It is an Advanced Coated Fertilizer for the new agriculture manufactured by JCam Agri Co Ltd, Japan.


Easy fertilization

Only one time basal application is necessary for the whole growth of crops, which save manpower for the repeated additional fertilization.

This is more and more effective for the longer period growing products.

Low production cost

Much fertilizer saving is possible by higher efficiency fertilization, especially for longer period growing crops and larger amount fertilization crops. Using this fertilizer decreases the total plantation cost including labour cost.

Lower Environmental Pollution

Optimized high efficiency fertilization reduces the fertilizer pollution to the surface water, underground water and to the air. Meister is the environment protecting fertilizer.


Recommended to wide range of crops such as rice, wheat, maize, vegetables, flowers and fruits.

Good fit to long period growing agricultural products, which need many additional application by conventional fertilizers and for mulch film cultivation which is not fit for the additional fertilization.

Good fit for the sandy field cultivation, where ordinary fertilizers are easily washed out to under ground water by irrigation and rain.

Good fit for the one time basal application.

Segment Release Mechanism


Water Adsorption

The water moisture is taken in to the particle through the membrane.


Dissolution of Urea

The water taken in through membrane dissolves internal fertilizer.



The water pressure in the Meister particle is increased and the urea solution leak out through the polymer membrane.